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Daniela Seixas, CEO, Tonic

“The decision to develop our mobile app with Bitmaker has proved to be one of the key factors in the success of Tonic App. It translates into confidence in the quality of development, flexibility, transparency and understanding of the specifics of our business.”

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Mobile health case study

Tonic app needed a professional and experienced software engineering team to develop their MVP, a mobile app that allows for medical staff to share information and knowledge with full privacy.


Mobile development
Backoffice platform
UI Design
User experience

User goals

Connect with colleague
Communicate and get feedback from colleagues and classmates
Secure messaging
Send secure media files


Sensitive data
Gain credibility and trust
Limited time for browsing

Our approach

Our solution made it easy for users to reach colleagues faster through group calls and chats with full end-to-end encryption.
We used Material Design Guidelines together with branding details through the use of typography, color and images.
User Experience was a major concern so we developed personas and user scenarios to better understand who is using the app, their pains and motivations and how we can help their daily routines.


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