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    We keep it simple by using an assembly line method, developing reusable software components.

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    You get what you need, simple and fast, at higher production rates and lower costs.

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Tiny Bits

Tiny bits solve big problems. Check out our latest posts.

  • Waltz-e! The new office robot

    Sometimes we just relax and play with toys. This is the new office robot, Waltz-e (pun intended) By the way, relaxing is one of the tips on how to organise your work and personal life from our post Get Organised!

  • Get organised!

    We had an organisation problem in our office, lots of cables, sheets of paper, pens and personal items all over our desks. There was a need to get this under control, so we decided to google for help. We found some interesting information on Inbox Zero, Life Hack, among others. After gathering information and breaking it down, […]

  • Because programmers are just… human

    Recently a security flaw in Apple OSes was made public, and made some fuss. In short, this flaw would allow a “man in the middle” type of attack on a SSL/TLS connection. This post intent is not to dwell on the security issues of this security hole. Instead, I’d like to discuss the reasons why […]