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About us

We aim to be agile at all levels.

Our ambition is to be more and more efficient, to get better every day.

We believe that the best way achieve it is based on the promotion of knowledge, the sharing of experiences, and continuous evolution.

Software development is our passion.

Delivering products that exceed our customer’s expectations
is our goal.

What we do

Technologies we are currently using

We have experience in several business sectors, including:

Our clients

Our clients come to us trusting our expertise and experience.
Check out below some of our clients to date.


Daniela Seixas, CEO, Tonic

“The decision to develop our mobile app with Bitmaker has proved to be one of the key factors in the success of Tonic App. It translates into confidence in the quality of development, flexibility, transparency and understanding of the specifics of our business.”

Some of our work

Mobile health case study

Tonic app needed a professional and experienced software engineering team to develop their MVP, a mobile app that allows for medical staff to share information and knowledge with full privacy.

View complete case study

From our blog

André Ventura

Scaffolding a new AngularJS project

This quick guide will help you set up a new project structure using generator-gulp-angular—a Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Gulp—that will generate a structure and some demo code from which you can build up your project.

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